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Product Categories

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top, compost, triple mix

We take excellent care of our soil so your plants can grow. We keep our soil products tarped down to keep minerals locked in.
Weed free, CQA Certified, full of nutrients. Perfect for vegetable and flower gardens.


forest cedar, natural pine, aged red, black rose

Not only does mulch add pops of colour to your yard, it also prevents weeds from growing. It’s perfect for keeping your garden looking absolutely perfect.
Natural colours & added colours, full of organics.


pea stone, small & large river rock, clear stone, dust & chips

A variety of rock sizes perfect for laneways, walkways, under patio slabs, draining.
They are also ideal for preventing weeds from growing, ensuring your yard will stay picture perfect.


sod, grass seed, fertilizer & more

We sell the worlds number one premium grass seed & sod. We take pride in how fast germination takes place with our products. So you can play with your children and pets in the grass sooner.